Yvonne Elford is delivering first-rate customer care in Shepparton

29 November 2023

Delivering first-rate customer care is paramount to making a meaningful impact on people’s lives in audiology. Yvonne Elford, Specsavers Audiology partner in Shepparton is a dedicated audiologist and passionate advocate for improved hearing health. She recently shared her journey and why she chose to join Specsavers to become an Audiology partner. 

Married with three school-aged children and a beloved chocolate Labrador, Yvonne has been a part of the vibrant community of Shepparton for over 17 years. She and her husband found the city to be an ideal place to raise their family.  

Her love for science during her school years paved the way for her to pursue a Bachelor of Science at university. Unsure of her next steps after completing her science degree, Yvonne’s interest in allied health and medical roles, inspired by her mother’s career as a GP, led her to discover audiology and complete a Master of Clinical Audiology.  

“Audiology appealed to me because I could apply my science background while working in an allied health profession,” says Yvonne. 

Yvonne’s professional journey in audiology began in 2005, and she quickly realised the profound impact of hearing loss on people’s lives. Her career as an Audiology partner at Specsavers came about after an encounter with her next-door neighbour, Fiona, who happened to be a Retail partner at Specsavers. Intrigued by the expansion of Specsavers into audiology, Yvonne decided to explore the possibility of joining Specsavers. After extensive research and discussions with other Audiology partners, Yvonne found herself drawn to Specsavers’ customer-focused approach and clear vision for its audiology partners. 

Unlike traditional hearing providers, the Specsavers’ model is customer-driven, with a focus on delivering tailored services to those who seek help with their hearing needs. 

“Customer care is very important. When working with customers they should be at the centre of all decisions and be able to make well informed choices,” says Yvonne. 

“The Specsavers model is customer focused and driven and only those people interested in, and who could benefit from hearing aids are booked in for assessments. The system works because we are only seeing the people that want to be seen, and I appreciate the absence of sales targets and KPIs, which allows me to prioritise the best hearing outcomes for my customers without unnecessary pressure to upsell.”  

As Yvonne embarks on this exciting journey, she envisions a future where Specsavers Shepparton offers full-time audiology services in both its Marketplace and Maude Street Mall locations. Her personal goal remains steadfast – to be the best audiologist she can be by helping people reclaim the joy of hearing. 

She wholeheartedly recommends becoming a Specsavers Audiology to her fellow audiology professionals.  

“The team at Specsavers has been absolutely amazing, with unwavering support, minimal start-up costs, and a well-established brand behind you with an extensive marketing team, Specsavers provides an exceptional platform for audiology professionals to create successful, customer-centred practices,” she says. 

Yvonne’s partnership with Specsavers represents a new chapter in her journey as an audiology professional. As she forges ahead, she embraces the opportunity to shape the future of Specsavers Audiology in Shepparton and continue her mission of improving the lives of those with hearing challenges.