Word of mouth helps professionals seek partnership

13 May 2022

Steven Drossou had been an audiology professional for more than 12 years before deciding to make his next career move. 

“I have worked in the neurosensory field for many years. This background has given me a solid foundation in understanding both diagnostic audiology and advanced rehabilitation,” says Steven. 

The Taigum and Toombul QLD store partner explored the Specsavers partnership model as several colleagues had begun their own Specsavers journey. 

“Many colleagues and well-respected audiologists I used to work with began to take on a partnership at Specsavers. It made me wonder why these exceptionally good audiology professionals were heading down the Specsavers path,” says Steven. 

One of Steven’s friends joined Specsavers as a partner, providing him with much insight about the company and the partnership model before he joined. 

“A friend encouraged me to explore a partnership when he became partner. I have followed his journey, which was a positive experience for him. 

“With the opportunity of owning and running a store, I decided to take the leap of faith and join as a partner,” Steven adds. 

Steven has already made the decision to join the Specsavers family but was pleasantly surprised he could own stores close to home. 

“I saw the opportunity of owning stores close to where I live which was a very appealing prospect, so I started the process and now enjoy helping people in my local community,” Steven says. 

Steven appreciates the need to be transparent about the pricing of hearing aid products and what this means for customers. 

“Our customers get the help they need, allowing us to offer the best quality of service with products that are cost-effective and accessible to any budget,” says Steven.   

Steven has been impressed by the repertoire of experienced professionals around him and how dedicated they are to improving their customers’ lives. 

“We have some of the most highly skilled audiologists who deliver excellent customer service. While helping more people with their hearing needs, my peers and I have the freedom and autonomy to grow our businesses with the backing of Specsavers. 

“It is a gratifying feeling knowing that you can improve the quality of people’s lives, and your hard work and dedication help grow your own business and not someone else’s,” adds Steven.