Why we screen our customers over 40 at Specsavers Audiology

In every Specsavers optical store that has audiology services, all customers aged 40 and over are offered a free audiology screening as part of their pre-test for optics.

The screener not only refers customers and helps build the business, but also raises the profile of overall hearing health.

Specsavers Head of Professional Services and Product – Audiology, Nick Taylor, said the screener was an important tool for all Specsavers Audiology partners.

“Specsavers’ audiology partners are passionate about changing lives.” he said. “By screening all customers over 40, even those who do not require our audiology services today, we are raising awareness of the importance of hearing health long before issues arise.

“For us this is not about selling hearing aids; this is about normalising behaviours around overall hearing health.

“The screener forms part of an unrivalled awareness-building campaign, ensuring ear health becomes front of mind across our large established optical customer database and beyond.”

Nick said it was commonly reported in the audiology industry that people wait between 7-10 years after first noticing hearing loss and acting on it.

“Through Specsavers’ optical business we are able to drive awareness of the importance of getting your hearing checked from the age of 40, thereby encouraging people to take action sooner, rather than waiting up to a decade,” he said.

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