Why we chose Specsavers Audiology

With more than 80 talented audiology professionals in our ranks, we asked a selection of our partners what they love about Specsavers Audiology. From affordable products to clinical independence, six of our partners from around Australia told us their favourite thing about the business.

Michael Feetham
Specsavers Thebarton and West Lakes (SA)

“What attracted me to Specsavers was their vision and plan around delivering audiology services at affordable prices. That, combined with the idea of owning my own business and building a customer base through an established optical business, just made sense.”

Kathleen Stoop
Specsavers Success and Spearwood (WA)

“If you consider hearing loss from a public health perspective, we have a huge task ahead in terms of public education regarding the long-term consequences of untreated hearing loss, improving accessibility to hearing services and making hearing technology affordable. I think the Specsavers model ticks all three boxes. The hearing industry is ripe for disruption and I think Specsavers is well placed to adapt to a changing profession.”

Luke Kowalski
Specsavers Toronto, Morriset and Glendale (NSW)

“At Specsavers, the whole focus is on customers, with profit and making money a by-product of that focus. In terms of clinical independence, Specsavers Audiology has a refreshing approach to not setting product-related KPIs. The structure of the business seems to be much more customer-focused which is really positive. It just feels like a positive environment and the support team are great. Everyone wants what’s best for you.”

Kathy Currie
Specsavers Lavington, Albury and Wodonga (NSW / VIC)

“What really attracted me to Specsavers was the joint venture partnership where you’re able to build your own business with the support of Specsavers behind you, reducing the risk that would be there if you set up your own business independently.”

James Darwin
Specsavers Noarlunga (SA)

“Specsavers provided the opportunity to affordably start my own business in a way that was consistent with my personal values and beliefs. The Specsavers model has a real customer-centred focus that emphasises on doing what is right by the customer. This ideology ensures that Specsavers prioritises providing the best value hearing care and highest clinical standards. I am a firm believer that one’s financial status shouldn’t dictate access to required vital health care services, and the Specsavers model helps makes this service more accessible to everyone.”

Frances Slabber
Specsavers Rockingham (WA)

“Specsavers’ joint venture partnership allows you, as an audiologist, to manage and run your own business within a well-oiled machine where clinician and customer support receives top priority. Specsavers has an incredible support network and the quality of knowledge within the company is truly commendable. Well-trained and well-equipped audiologists, enthusiastic optical team members and well-cared for customers can only improve the negative stigmas Australians might have previously associated with hearing care and hearing aids.”

Do any of the above opinions resonate with you? Talk to us today about how you too can own your own business and deliver audiology in a customer-centric way. Contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 or anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com.

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