Why our partners are opting for a regional partnership

30 March 2022

Abdul Teia joined Specsavers Audiology in July 2020 as a partner and was excited with the prospect of joining a company with shared values.

“I wanted to work for an organisation that values customer care and offers affordable prices.

“I felt Specsavers provided me with the perfect opportunity to practice audiology ethically and not worry about expensive hearing devices,” says Abdul.

The Nuriootpa and Clare, SA store partner, was pleasantly surprised how fast his business took off.

“I’m still amazed how quickly my business grew, and within less than a year, I was in a position of hiring an assistant.

“I was a bit nervous about working with an optometrist and retail team, but they have helped immensely. They keep me busy and support my business to be profitable,” adds Abdul.

Abdul decided to take his partnership and set up a base in a regional location due to his relationship with customers.

“I worked in Port Lincoln during my internship, and since then, I have always loved working in regional areas.

“I feel customers are more relaxed and willing to share personal life stories and are more open about hearing needs and expectations,” adds Abdul.

For Abdul and many other Specsavers partners, setting up their businesses in regional areas not only provides a rewarding career, but offers a more laid-back lifestyle.

“Apart from the tight-knit community, I love how there’s no more city traffic. I enjoy the drive and scenery of country roads and farms.

“I love working with staff who are locals from the community. They are super friendly and always make me feel part of the community.

“I also enjoy working with customers who acknowledge having a hearing problem and would like to improve their hearing,” adds Abdul.

Abdul’s regional experience has been positive, and he shows no sign of making any decisions to relocate, and he attributes this to the support from the Specsavers support office team and his peers.

“The Specsavers support office has been fantastic in supporting my business aspirations. I also feel supported by other audiology partners from Adelaide, which allows me to learn and share ideas about operating the business,” says Abdul.

While Abdul enjoys business growth and building great relationships with his peers and customers, he is looking ahead to continue business growth.

“I feel the business will expand in the coming years, and hopefully, I can hire more staff soon,” says Abdul.