Why Oliver joined Specsavers Audiology

16 February 2022

Oliver Puczkowski became an audiologist because of his passion for health. He channelled this passion and focused on a career in audiology, later becoming a partner in the busy Noarlunga SA store.

“I was drawn to the field because I love having the opportunity to build therapeutic relationships with my customers, that can have a tremendous impact on their quality of life,” says Oliver.

The store partner joined Specsavers because of the great feedback he heard from his industry colleagues and their great experience.

“I decided to join Specsavers due to the overwhelmingly positive experiences of my audiology colleagues who had joined Specsavers.

“Everyone reported it to be a great place to work and that it gave you the ability to provide excellent value to customers,” adds Oliver.

Oliver wanted to transform hearing health in Australia and ensure his customers had access to affordable hearing aids.

“Offering accessible hearing aids resonated with me as it’s critical people engage socially and feel connected with family and friends,” says Oliver.

Being able to provide a personalised approach to customer care is what appealed the most to Oliver in deciding to join Specsavers.

“Everyone who comes in to see us is in a different stage of their journey to better hearing. A one size fits all approach will never work – we must listen and support our customers to get them the best possible outcomes,” says Oliver.

Not only does Oliver feel passionate about the positive impact he has on his customers, but he is also thrilled that everyone he has worked with since joining Specsavers shares his sentiment.

“I was amazed by how enthusiastic everyone has been throughout the whole process of joining, Specsavers. It is refreshing to work with a group of people who are all impassioned about the purpose of the organisation,” says Oliver.

Oliver is excited by the prospect of impacting many people’s lives and recalls the most satisfying highlight since joining Specsavers.

“The store is bustling, and I love being in this environment and being able to help all of my customers. I get to make a huge difference in people’s lives whilst saving them lots of money and feeling great about it,” says Oliver.

Joining Specsavers has given Oliver the confidence to focus on his customer’s needs and not comprise the level of care and support he provides.

“It allows me to practice audiology in a way that is compatible with my strong ethics within the hearing industry,” says Oliver.