Why I joined – Joshua Corino

Joshua Corino is Specsavers Audiology’s 71st partner, operating out of our Maroochydore store on the Sunshine Coast. Joshua joined us in August this year and tells us how an initial career in personal training led him to audiology, what he enjoys about being a Specsavers Audiology partner and the three top reasons he decided to join the business.

1. Tell us a bit about your background. 

Starting my career in healthcare as a personal trainer, I really wanted to find a clinical role that would continue to help people in a one-on-one capacity. Audiology seemed to be a good fit due its room for growth with the ageing population and limited awareness of hearing loss as a social issue. I started my audiology career at a major rehabilitation clinic which I thoroughly enjoyed but after a while, I sought a new opportunity

2. Thinking about previous roles and years in the industry as a backdrop, what prompted you to join Specsavers? 

There are three things I love about Specsavers:

  1. The convenience for customers, to be able to have their eyes and ears checked by a trusted company seemed to be a fantastic healthcare model.
  2. The opportunity to be your own boss and really grow your business in partnership with an established store and optical partners really appealed to me.
  3. To be able to prescribe reasonably priced devices with a high level of technology, ethically, was an attractive part of the Specsavers model.

3. Why is a JVP with Specsavers a good model for audiology?

I feel the audiology industry has always been split between its healthcare and retail sides. The Specsavers JVP model allows the audiologist to practise ethically as well as giving more autonomy to the healthcare practitioner. It has already seen great success with the optometry side of the business so I am confident in the model.

4. Having joined, can you describe your thoughts about Specsavers Audiology and the role the group will play in the industry?

I think Specsavers Audiology will only grow from strength to strength and be a major player in the rehab audiology segment in the near future, due to convenience, having a trusted brand name, reasonably priced rehab solutions, the latest testing equipment and talented practitioners.

5. What is Specsavers Audiology’s approach to professionalism and clinical practice?

Specsavers Audiology is extremely stringent and focused on professionalism, always stating that the best clinical practice has to be followed. Specsavers Audiology partners must adhere to a high standard of clinical practice.

6. What would you say to audiology professionals considering a JVP with Specsavers?

I would advise audiology professionals considering a JVP with Specsavers Audiology to contact them and have a chat or talk to your colleagues and friends that have joined and I’m sure you will hear nothing but good news.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Julia Hewagama today.

Email: anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com
Telephone: 0409 015 519

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