Why I joined a regional Specsavers store – Jonathon Perkov

Jonathon is Specsavers Audiology’s 36th partner, operating out of the Victor Harbor and Morphett Vale stores in South Australia. Whilst Morphett Vale is located in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, the Victor Harbor business is 85km south of the Adelaide CBD on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Jonathon first joined us in October 2018 and tells us what attracted him to Specsavers Audiology and what he loves about being based in a regional store.

1. What made you want to join Specsavers Audiology?

I first decided to join Specsavers Audiology because the partnership aspect of Specsavers’ business model really appealed to me. It provides the best of both worlds with flexibility and control over my clinical practice alongside the full support Specsavers offers both clinically and from a business perspective. The value that I could offer to my customers through Specsavers is also unmatched in Australia so I could see only great potential for growth at any Specsavers location.

2. Did you always want to join a regional Specsavers Audiology store? If so, why? If not, what convinced you?

Victor Harbor has always been a special location for me having spent time there previously with my wife, so when I was given the opportunity to take the location I grabbed it right away. There is a great community there as well so plenty of room for word of mouth to spread and local area marketing / sponsorships to be very effective. The optical team down in Victor also played a big part in attracting me to the store, being supportive from the start and pushing themselves to assist in the success of the clinic before I even opened the doors.

3. What do you see as the benefits of working in a regional location?

The smaller, tight-knit community means that word of mouth can quickly grow your business alongside sponsorships with the bowls clubs and other groups. Having a smaller team in the optical store also means you get to know everyone very well and everyone will look out for each other. This also makes training staff easier to ensure better outcomes for customers.

4. As a partner operating across a regional and metro location, what are the biggest differences that you see across your businesses?

The biggest difference I feel is the community in the regional location. The impact of loyalty and word of mouth is very powerful for a small business. Many clients are on a first name basis with the staff and really try to support the business.

5. Do you have a preference over your regional store or metro store?

I enjoy being split between the two mainly because it reduces my commute time two days a week. Both clinics are great environments to work at, so I wouldn’t be able to choose one over the other.

6. What advice would you give someone who may be considering joining a regional store?

I would tell anyone considering a regional location to do their research. Get to know the area, the people and the existing optical partners. Take some time to write out the pros and cons of each situation for you personally and make an informed decision.

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