Why Donna chose to partner with Specsavers

10 November 2021

Donna Lum, Specsavers Rhodes NSW, store partner was motivated to pursue a career in audiology, which stemmed from her family and friends being impacted by hearing loss and the desire to help them.

“It was interesting to know audiologists do more than see customers with a hearing loss, which made me want to explore audiology further,” says Donna.

Donna has spent the last 11 years working for Hearing Australia, later making her dream of business ownership a reality.

“In my previous job, I saw a range of clientele from paediatrics, adults and people with disabilities.  I decided to join Specsavers as I wanted a new challenge by opening my own business.

“I heard many positive things about Specsavers from other audiology partners, such as the flexibility it provides, transparent prices, accessible products and putting customer’s first,” Donna adds.

In February 2021, Donna underwent the Specsavers partnership interview process and met other partners from different stores, which helped her cement a new beginning and partnership with Specsavers.

“The feedback I received from other Specsavers audiology partners that they were valued as a partner rather than an employee really resonated with me.  After completing the induction, I experienced this firsthand and knew I had made the right decision in becoming a partner,” says Donna.

While Donna was apprehensive about owning a business, she quickly learnt that the Specsavers support team would give her guidance along the way.

“The financial part of a business is not my strength, but I’ve had great support from the Specsavers financial team who are currently guiding me in the right direction.

“The support team also assist with all aspects of the business, including clinical, IT and marketing. I can also reach out to the optical and retail partners for support,” adds Donna.

Now that she has settled into life as a Specsavers partner, Donna looks forward to focusing on her customers and improving hearing awareness.

“I would like to be able to inform more customers of hearing loss and the benefits of acting sooner rather than later,” says Donna.

While Donna builds on hearing awareness within her community, she’s also enjoying the perks of owning her business.

“I’m really enjoying the flexibility of overseeing audiology in store and the ability to work with a collaborative store team to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers,” says Donna.