What it really costs to become a Specsavers partner

When it comes to starting your own business, many professionals are concerned about start-up costs and worried that they won’t have an income for many years as they establish their business.

But this is not the case for Specsavers Audiology partners.  

Our partners are business owners, and when you join us as an Audiology Joint Venture Partner (JVP) you are considered a director, shareholder, and employee in your business. You run your business, you have shares in it and the business pays you a regular salary. 

Our business model is that of a partnership, and as part of that partnership, we provide you with support across many different areas including marketing, professional services, information services, finance, and product. 

Our overall aim is to provide you with everything you need to establish and grow your business. 

The level of investment to get your Specsavers Audiology business started is much lower than you think. A shareholder loan of just $10,000 is required to get started and is paid back to you once cashflow allows. 

As partners, we (Specsavers) and you (the Audiology JVP) both contribute a shareholder loan to the business, as our contribution to working capital and business setup. 

And your shareholder loan is just that; a loan. And as a loan, it is repayable back to you over a maximum period of three years. 

This simple and low-level investment made JVP a proposition that our Rockingham partner Frances Slabber couldn’t ignore.  

“I loved having my own business in South Africa and when I emigrated to Australia, I found it difficult not being my own boss again after 18 years. I also felt disheartened working in an industry that focused on commission and sales. It didn’t reflect my own principles and I wasn’t comfortable defining myself as a diagnostic audiologist,” she says.  

“To start an independent clinic in a new country in my late forties was simply a financial risk I could not take. After my husband joined Specsavers as an optometrist, I started looking at the audiology model and I was so impressed with the mantra of team and customer-first amidst affordable hearing care for all, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to be a business owner again.”  

To discuss how Specsavers Audiology’s partnership model might work for you, contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 or anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com

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Email: anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com
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