What does Audiology Success look like?

24 June 2021

It’s no secret that becoming a Specsavers partner is an excellent way to achieve business success and financial rewards. Being part of our family provides you with access to a wide range of support services and development, specifically designed to help you succeed. 

With our proven business model and operational support including legal, marketing, human resources, product innovation, supply chain operations, you can focus on servicing the needs of your customers whilst building and developing your future.  

If you’ve been listening to what our partners say, you’ll know that the Specsavers partnership model sounds a lot like Audiology success. 

In Queensland and Northern Territory, we have: 

Recently we welcomed Eve Yao to the Specsavers family. Eve is a Specsavers partner in Queensland who launched her business on 7 June 2021. We will be announcing more partner appointments in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 

Why Specsavers 

When you become a partner, you’ll have the freedom to make the critical day-to-day decisions about customer care and run your own business – putting your unique mark on your success while maintaining your entrepreneurial independence. 

We’ve even introduced dedicated in-store audiology support roles so you can maintain your focus and dedicate your expertise to providing the highest and best level of customer care.  

We’re looking for people just like you 

Take the next step in your career and find out how you can own your business with Specsavers – just like Eve, at audiology-anz.com.au/partnership.