What a difference making a difference makes! 

6 August 2021

Julia Hewagama

Julia Hewagama

You’ve probably heard that at Specsavers, we are genuinely focused on servicing our customer’s needs by prioritising clinical care, whilst supported by a product range that provides excellent value for money. 

Our difference is, we:  

  • focus on our customer needs 
  • are clear and open about the costs of hearing care from the outset
  • provide a product range that is second to none.  

Clinical Care gives you autonomy 

The Specsavers way is to provide our audiology partners with the autonomy and flexibility to meet customer needs.  All our partners undertake a comprehensive on-boarding program including training, business management sessions, clinical standards and are presented with the Specsavers philosophy, for the best start possible.   

All Specsavers audiology partners are supplied with a sound treated room, with a booth and all of the equipment needed to get started on day one.   

With no sales targets and KPI’s, our partners receive a guaranteed salary, plus superannuation to own their own business.

Our partners and employed clinicians know that the Specsavers way is the best way! 

Our products are next level 

“The vast majority of people have no idea about hearing aid brands and manufacturers. They simply want to hear better and understand what devices may be able to provide the best benefit.  Advance provides that at a very affordable price.” – Nick Taylor, Head of Professional Services & Product – Audiology   

At Specsavers, we choose not to charge excessive prices for our hearing aids. And our customers love us for it. Branded products are also available for customers to choose from, but we share the costs upfront.  

We have zero hidden fees, and we know that makes a huge difference for our customers. 

Are you ready to make a difference? 

If you truly want to make a difference through your Audiology career, join forces with our Specsavers team and experience our difference by talking to us about our partnership and employment opportunities.

To find out more, or to have a confidential, no-obligation discussion about Specsavers opportunities, contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 519 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com