Vanessa joined Specsavers Audiology to put her customers’ needs first

20 January 2022

Vanessa Panak completed her master’s degree in 2017 and worked for various companies in the industry before finding her true path and becoming a Specsavers partner. Since then, Vanessa hasn’t looked back.

“I wanted to become an audiologist since I completed high school. I loved learning about the ear anatomy in human biology and wanted to work in Healthcare and be able to make a difference in people’s lives,” says Vanessa.

The West Australian Clarkson and Whitford store partner joined Specsavers as she wanted to work for a brand that cares about their customers.

“For me, customer care is the number one goal as an audiologist. I care that I can provide the customer with a solution to their needs, whether through devices, assistive listening devices or even counselling and sharing my knowledge.

“I believe that it is important as professionals that we educate our customers to help them make informed decisions about their hearing needs,” adds Vanessa.

Vanessa saw that while focusing on the needs of her customers, there’s also an opportunity for personal growth.

“A partnership with Specsavers was the next logical step in expanding my skills and being able to provide more value and support for my customers,” says Vanessa.

Vanessa knew educating customers was what she could focus on and now receives all the resources and support she needs to ensure she’s part of transforming hearing awareness in Australia.

“I’ve found that the whole Specsavers team has made me feel comfortable and provided information and support when I needed it.

“I feel more confident with my decision to join Specsavers. Initially, I thought it was too good to be true, but everything that Specsavers has said and promised, they have delivered,” adds Vanessa.

Vanessa turned her interest in owning her business as she found the Specsavers partnership model ticked all the boxes.

“The partnership model works because it emphasises the importance of monitoring customers hearing.

“I also believe Specsavers customers feel they aren’t persuaded into a sale. When they are ready to act, they know where to go,” adds Vanessa.