Upselling to meet your KPI’s – Not at Specsavers!

5 September 2022

When we speak to audiology professionals, we often hear “I’m always having to upsell to meet KPIs”. 

As a clinician, we know you’re having to constantly chase sales targets and KPIs. But at Specsavers, we think differently. Sales targets and KPIs are not our focus. Nor do we think they should be yours. Customer care is our number one priority – always! 

In just under five years, we’ve opened 250 audiology locations around Australia, and we’ve screened over 2 million Australians for hearing loss. Each of our Specsavers partners and employed clinicians has the freedom and flexibility to focus on what they love and do best – to look after their customers and put their needs first. To support their hearing needs, and not have to worry about upselling to meet their weekly and monthly sales targets. 

If you want to focus on improving the lives of people with hearing loss and bring back customer focus to the industry, then have a chat with a member of our team to discuss your career aspirations and see if we could be the right fit for you! 

Talk to us today. Contact Julia Hewagama, Senior Professional Recruitment Manager on 0409 015 519 or email