Understanding the Specsavers Audiology Partnership Model

11 November 2021

Based on 37 years-experience, the Specsavers partnership model is built with the customer, partner, and clinical excellence in mind. Our partners come to us with a shared vision – to raise hearing awareness across Australia and New Zealand.  We have built a strong network of industry professionals now with more than 200 stores offering audiology services across Australia. We’ve also had the privilege of screening the hearing of more than 1.5 million Australians. We are in great shape now to continue our growth and expansion plans well into the future.

Here’s what you need to know about the Specsavers partnership model:

  • Partners are business owners, however, unlike other business owners, you earn a market-rate salary package for the lifetime of your partnership agreement.
  • Partners also own profit-earning shares in their business, rewarding them for their hard work and efforts as business owners, through dividends paid quarterly (once the business is making profits) and the future value of the shares in the business (paid when the partner retires from the business).
  • Each audiology business is hosted within an optical store, leveraging on the shop fit, rent, general infrastructure and extensive customer database.
  • We have a dedicated audiology marketing team that support our partners by delivering audiology marketing campaigns that raise awareness.
  • Partners receive exceptional support services with freedom to focus on the customer and deliver the very best price, service, and product quality.
  • Partners have access to world-class products via an agile supply chain, reliable IT systems and a wealth of training and development.
  • Our partnership model is simple and transparent, just like our pricing and product range.

Specsavers puts all the above important measures in place to ensure that when you join us, you’ll step right into your business and just focus on what you do best – making clinical decisions and helping to transform people’s hearing health.

So, if you want to own your business and with all the support at your fingertips, then contact us and have a confidential discussion. You have nothing to lose and more to gain!

Contact Julia Hewagama, Professional Recruitment Manager – 0409 015 519 or julia.hewagama@specsavers.com