Tanya sees no barriers to business ownership

2 February 2022

Tanya Goromonzi from the West Australian Carousel and Riverton stores is drawn to Specsavers because of our customer and partner-centric approach, where the needs of both are intrinsic to the business. 

“I want to provide my customers with great quality hearing care at an affordable price. I also wanted to grow my family and needed some flexibility to support that change in my life. Specsavers was able to accommodate on both fronts,” says Tanya. 

When it was time to take a break from the stores and begin the other important chapter in Tanya’s life, the process leading up to her maternity leave was seamless. 

“It can be daunting thinking about the intricacies of handing over your business (other baby) to someone else, but I always had support in finding the right person to cover my business. 

“It did allow me to focus on my little one while knowing that there was a network of people on call to resolve any issues,” added Tanya.  

Before Tanya went on maternity leave, the support team oversaw the transition, alleviating any additional work for the store partner. 

“The support team found an audiologist whose store wasn’t quite ready, but they were ready to be part of Specsavers. We were introduced before they started, and we were able to build a good rapport. 

“The team ensured my replacement was onboarded and ready. All I had to do was provide a tour of the store, introduce the team as well as provide handover notes for customers who were in a mid-fitting journey,” added Tanya. 

The support team were heavily involved in all aspects of the process and kept in regular contact with Tanya whilst she was on maternity leave. 

“The team managed any issues during the replacement partners tenure and ensured I could settle straight in when I returned.   

“Once I returned, the Professional Services team came to visit me in store to make sure I transitioned smoothly and provided assistance to settle in again,” adds Tanya.   

Tanya believes that a Specsavers partnership doesn’t mean you can’t have a life outside of work. Flexibility is there if professionals are looking to take a break for any reason. 

“The partnership journey is not fixed and does not look the same for everyone. Taking time away to have a family is not a barrier to business ownership and career advancement, it is part of the journey. 

Tanya now has her sights set on expansion plans in the future and is looking to build a team of professionals in store. 

“I’d like to grow my business by expanding my audiology team with a mix of assistants, managers and clinicians,” says Tanya.