Specsavers too good to be true? Not for Meriam Beshay

16 November 2021

Before she became the Specsavers partner at Prahran and Brighton in inner-city Melbourne, Meriam Beshay had heard about Specsavers, but remained skeptical… at first.

“I’d been working in the rehab sector, mainly with adults. I was also involved in promoting hearing health at expos which I found very enjoyable. But I was ready to take the next step in my career – to be able to provide more options to customers and have the flexibility in how I provide services.

“When I heard of the great experience that one of my colleagues had at Specsavers as a partner, I did a bit more research about the company and was very impressed. The fact that it is essentially a family business, and values openness and transparency and has a focus on clinical excellence – was exactly what I was looking for.”

Meriam says initially she didn’t know much about Specsavers’ approach to audiology other than it was pushing for change in the industry and using the messaging #makingwaves.

“What I learned as I did more and more research and spoke to partners and people within the business, is that Specsavers is very transparent. They’re upfront about who and what they are and what they believe in. Some would say, they’re almost too good to be true.”

But for Meriam, working through the process to become a partner made her realise that “too good to be true” was a misnomer.

“What Specsavers actually is doing is building a presence and having a positive impact on the audiology industry, while pushing it to change. And they come to the party with great products and value – and this was confirmed to me throughout the induction process.”

She says her goal for the future is to provide clinical excellence for customers and to be able to have a positive impact on the community.

“Knowing that I will be able to provide a great service, with great prices for great products in a company that I share the same values with – makes coming to work every day a fantastic experience.

“I would encourage other colleagues to consider Specsavers if they are looking for an ethical business with great values, and place where clinicians are respected, and customers are taken care of.”