Specsavers remains ‘Open for Care’

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the provision of primary care service throughout Australia and New Zealand and hearing care is no exception to this. While that impact is hard-hitting on all of us in audiology, Specsavers stores are continuing to provide essential goods and services where we can.

In Australia, current restrictions mean that we can still offer a limited in-store service and we took steps to adapt our service model from Monday 30th March: while we remain open for urgent and essential audiology care, we have hibernated our normal retail and optical service.

The urgent and essential care is available right now via a combination of in-store hearing care and telephone support services.

At this point in time, the majority of our stores are physically Open for care while the remainder are accessible for telephone support. Full details of which store locations are open is available – and is constantly being updated – on our website at Specsavers.com.au.

Each store that remains physically open for urgent and essential care is staffed by the store partners, both audiology and optometry.

Service available at Specsavers under our Open for Care mode of practice includes:


  • Urgent maintenance or care for existing hearing aid wearers
  • Emergency care and provision of hearing devices for essential workers experiencing hearing problems
  • Referrals from other health professionals


  • Emergency eye care triaging to medical specialists and referral as required
  • Red eye management and treatments
  • Renewal of prescription eye drops
  • Any change in vision that causes anxiety
  • Referrals from other health professionals


Page last updated: Wed 15 April 2020

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