Specsavers partnership: Your questions answered 

16 December 2022

Here at Specsavers Audiology, our mission is to passionately provide best value audiology services to everybody, simply, clearly, and consistently whilst exceeding customer expectations every time.  

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments; particularly as we’ve just celebrated five years and opened over 300 audiology locations in Australia. 

During this time, we have challenged and helped shape the industry for the better, with a formula based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, and excellent products at value-for-money pricing.  

But when we talk to prospective partners, we often get the same questions about what life is really like as a Specsavers partner… so we’ve collated some of your most frequently asked questions.  

What are the benefits of being a Specsavers partner? 

Our partners are just that, our partners. We work together with you to achieve shared goals and we value your opinions. 

As a Specsavers partner, you’ll be empowered to make clinical decisions that are in the best interests of your customers and have the freedom to make those critical day-to-day operational decisions, all with the support and stability of the Specsavers brand behind you.  

Plus, you’ll have the support to be your own boss and grow your own business.  

How much does it cost to become a partner? 

The initial investment made by our partners to start up a new business is a shareholder loan of $10,000 – which is a loan from you to the business. Once there is sufficient cash flow running through your business, this loan is paid back to you, and you will start to receive a share of your business profits.  

And, in addition to the profit distributions you receive as business owner, you will also receive a market rate salary and super package, guaranteeing you a monthly income as you start and grow your business.  

How can I afford to start my own business and give up a regular salary?  

Our audiology partners are business owners, but unlike other business models, you will earn a market-rate salary for the lifetime of your partnership agreement – which is guaranteed by Specsavers Audiology. 

For our audiologist partners, this salary is $110,000 p/a plus super and for our audiometrist partners it is $100,000 p/a plus super.  

But this salary package is just one component of the value of your partnership. As a Specsavers partner you will also own profit-earning shares in your business.  

So, the potential value of a Specsavers Audiology joint venture partnership is divided between:  

  • annual salary (paid fortnightly) 
  • annual profit (paid quarterly once the business is making profits) 
  • the future value of your shares in the business (paid upon retirement).  

Is it true that you don’t have KPIs and sales targets? 

Yes! As, our customers come first, our partners make decisions based on the individual needs of each customer – there are no product-related sales targets or KPIs to meet whatsoever.  

How do you keep your prices so low? 

Our prices are lower today than they were when we first joined the Australian market – and we will continue to find opportunities to make our pricing even more affordable for our customers. It’s because we are part of a global brand, with global buying power.  

The brand we stock are the same as you will find with other major providers, but unlike other providers we are transparent with our pricing. In fact, you’ll find all our prices published on our website.  

Where could my store be? 

Our goal is to have audiology in every Specsavers store, which means we have more than 400+ opportunities for you to own your own business.  

New locations are available across Australia right now and we have a pipeline of locations to come in the next six months.  

Still have questions? We have the answers.  

For all Partnership opportunities, contact Shelley Fenech at 0457 672 521 or Paysh Wijesinghe at 0497 672 261. For all Employment opportunities, contact Nilofar Boudewyn at 0409 956 701. Alternatively, contact our team via email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com