Specsavers partnership offers a multifaceted approach

20 June 2022

Born and raised in north-eastern India, Alfina discovered hearing health in high school. Not realising it then, but her exposure to audiology early on would influence her future career choice later. 

“All credit goes to my high school principal and introducing me to the world of hearing and speech science. His stories were inspiring, and I felt there was a huge opportunity to tap into the field as hearing awareness amongst the public was low,” says Alfina. 

After migrating to Australia, Alfina worked as a clinician for four years before joining Specsavers as a partner at the Rockhampton North, Rockhampton Allenstown, Emerald and Gladstone, Qld stores. 

Alfina’s 15 years of experience as a clinician has given her a rich depth of skills and experience with exposure in the hearing aid manufacturing and wholesale sector. This experience extended to training undergraduates. 

Taking on a partnership with Specsavers has been a natural progression in Alfina’s career. The Specsavers partnership model is a significant next step to enhancing her business and leadership skills. 

“The Specsavers partnership model is the next step in my career development. It’s a bi-disciplinary and multifaceted approach, and I enjoy the leadership and team-building aspect of the partnership,” says Alfina. 

Alfina found the transition to a Specsavers partnership smooth, and with sales and marketing experience, she’s happy to see products are more accessible to her customers. 

“It’s great that Specsavers’ competitive price point doesn’t pinch the pockets of ordinary people. Our products are affordable without compromising quality and still with the latest technology,” says Alfina. 

Now that she has the backing to run her stores and business, Alfina focuses on her customers and the community. 

“It’s all about quality service and a customer-centric approach, also a transparent and affordable price point and working closely with the team, people and the community. 

“I believe Specsavers will be people’s choice eye care provider, and my teams and I look forward to providing great service and customer care,” adds Alfina. 

Becoming a Specsavers partner has been a positive experience for Alfina, and she encourages others that are thinking about the move to take a leap of faith. 

“If you’re a passionate audiology professional and want to start your own business, then a Specsavers partnership is an excellent pathway,” says Alfina.