Specsavers gold standard partnership

22 April 2022

Anna-Marie Marais dreamed of having her own business but could not see it happening until the Specsavers Audiology partnership model was presented to her. The North Ipswich, QLD Audiology partner jumped at the opportunity and has not looked back. 


“The last three years have been a time of growth and development. To build a business with the support and backing of this great partnership model has been an invaluable opportunity,” says Anna-Marie. 


Anna-Marie is also enjoying the personal growth and is grateful for the strong network of colleagues both in-store and in the support office.


“I’m developing clinical and leadership skills and building solid relationships with my store team, optical partners and support staff,” says Anna-Marie.  


She is proud to see the positive impact on customers because of her team’s outstanding service and care every day. 


“I’m proud that we can deliver great customer service with our gold standard clinical procedures and affordable products. 


I see customers now living their best life. It’s great that they are becoming more aware of their hearing challenges and can manage and monitor it,” adds Anna-Marie.


Anna-Marie and her team are proud to receive positive feedback from customers as the word of Specsavers great service and products spreads across Ipswich.  


“I have seen an overwhelming amount of word-of-mouth referrals from customers who have experienced improved hearing with Specsavers,” says Anna-Marie. 


From the beginning of the onboarding process, Anna-Marie has enjoyed many highlights since joining the Specsavers family. 


“It’s great to see the Specsavers values are lived and breathed by everyone I meet, including my peers in store, right through to the support office and leadership team.  


“It was also a highlight to celebrate the store’s first, second and third birthday with my team and looking back at how much we have achieved,” adds Anna-Marie. 


The next three years are well planned out, and Anna-Marie envisions plenty of growth, value, and happy customers. 


“My goals are to continue growing the audiology business and deliver excellent product value and service that is readily accessible to our whole community.  


“I would also like to provide more training to staff to deliver the great personalised hearing services we are known for,” adds Anna-Marie. 


With Anna-Marie feeling supported throughout her journey with Specsavers, she acknowledges the local support of the colleagues she works alongside. 


“I feel supported as a clinician, business owner and team member, but my heroes are the optical store partners. They are wonderful mentors, and I learn a lot from them every day,” says Anna-Marie.