Specsavers Audiology revealed at Sound Exchange

The Specsavers Audiology team was delighted to be exhibiting at Audiology Australia’s ‘The Sound Exchange 2017’ at the RACV Royal Pines in Qld on 10th and 11th June. It provided a great opportunity to reveal the nature of the new Specsavers audiology franchise that is open to all audiology professionals for partnership roles – our business ownership model.

It has been well-known for some months now that we have been actively looking at the Australian audiology market and we have been very open about bringing together such a senior team of Specsavers professionals to develop the franchise from the ground up. It was clear that our presence at The Sound Exchange was no surprise and our whole team was genuinely pleased to receive such a warm welcome from the audiology profession.

General Manager Darrel Magna and the team spent two days talking to audiologists, explaining how the Specsavers Audiology franchise will work – with the key factor being that each audiology business will operate from within Specsavers’ optometry stores. We believe that’s exciting for many reasons, not least because that gives Specsavers audiology partners a total of more than six million customers to draw from; real people who are coming into Specsavers stores day-in, day-out for their regular eye tests.

A litany of questions were asked and answered – many of which are covered in the Specsavers Audiology Partnership Prospectus, which you can download on this page (see top right).

For those who were not present at The Sound Exchange, there is ample opportunity to find out more about the Specsavers Audiology business model – and the locations that we are looking right now, across Australia.

Our Head of Retail, Mike Protopsaltis, is taking calls now from interested parties – and you can contact him direct on 0416 923 297 or anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com to get your conversation started.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Julia Hewagama today.

Email: anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com
Telephone: 0409 015 519

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