Specsavers Audiology opens in ACT – Woden and Tuggeranong

Hot on the heels of the first two Specsavers Audiology businesses which opened in Queensland and New South Wales in the last few days of August, Specsavers Audiology opened in its first two Australian Capital Territory locations, operating within the Specsavers Woden and Specsavers Tuggeranong optical stores.

New Specsavers Audiology partner Luke Fratturo hosted a breakfast launch event on Thursday 21st September at Specsavers Woden, welcoming special guests including Trisha Garrett, Head of the Hearing Services Program at the federal Department of Health, alongside a range of local dignitaries. Following a heart-felt opening address to the assembled group about his belief in a fair and transparent approach to audiology service, Luke talked to audiology-anz.com about his excitement for his new business in Woden and Tuggeranong.

“I have wanted to open my own business for some time but it wasn’t until the Specsavers opportunity came up that I felt confident in taking the step. Income is built in from day one, I have the freedom to look after my clients my way and I know that the prices we are charging are so fair. We knew they would be, having seen Specsavers UK prices, but I hadn’t realised the value at the upper end of the product spectrum – that was a nice surprise for me,” Luke explained.

“When I look at my new business, a really important thing is the positioning within an optometry outlet – the eyes and ears are so closely linked, it’s a natural fit for an audiology business. Consequently, the leads I need that will build my client list are already walking into the store everyday.”

Specsavers Audiology’s Head of Retail, Mike Protopsaltis, who was present at the launch, added: “It’s great to have Luke up and running across these two ACT locations, really fantastic.  We now move onto our first WA openings, while a total of 25 locations across the country are now spoken for. Now that the launch has commenced, we are receiving more and more calls about specific opportunities.

“For the first time yesterday I had to encourage a disappointed audiologist to consider a different location to the one they had their heart set on, as it was already taken. I’m expecting that to work out fine as the geography is still pretty accommodating – but it does show how quickly our audiology train is gathering pace.”

With locations now in play nationally, audiology professionals keen to identify their preferred locations can contact our Professional Recruitment Manager Julia Hewagama direct on 0409 015 519 or anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com




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