Specsavers Audiology marks 200th store milestone

1 September 2021

Specsavers is thrilled to announce our 200th audiology store opening at Mitcham, South Australia on 31 August 2021, marking a major milestone as we continue our growth and expansion plans across the country. 

Specsavers Audiology Executive Director and General Manager Darrel Magna says, “It’s truly remarkable that we have expanded our footprint to 200 stores providing audiology services across Australia.  

“It has been fantastic to celebrate our first stores, then our 100th store, and now our 200th store opening at Mitcham. We have some great milestones to celebrate. 

“It’s a huge achievement to help 126 Australian audiology professionals start their own business and to bring transparent and affordable hearing care across the country,” adds Darrel. 

Specsavers audiology partners share our passion that we have for providing great service and value that is second to none.  Screening the hearing of more than 1.5 million Australians and uncovering more than 65,000 of those with a hearing loss is a remarkable achievement. We’re celebrating the notion that we have made a positive impact on so many lives. 

With Specsavers being the fastest growing Audiology business in Australia, our exponential growth in four years sets us up for continued success as we keep things simple with great customer service, exceptional product quality and affordable and a transparent pricing model. 

“We’ll continue to focus on hearing health and creating awareness around the importance of transparency in pricing.  

“We believe we are well-positioned for our next phase of growth with the compelling strength of our new store pipeline in 2021 and beyond,” says Darrel.