Specsavers Audiology Graduate Program – intake #2

28 June 2022

While we had a successful first intake of graduates commencing in January 2022 with12enthusiastic young professionals starting in our stores across the country, we’re now looking at recruiting round two of Specsavers Audiology’s future talent. 

As we continue to expand our store network across Australia, we’re looking to secure our next graduate cohort who are ready to take the first step in cementing their life-long career with Specsavers. 

We encourage and applaud ambition, and we’ll help you reach your goals with a career that you’ll find both fulfilling and rewarding. We can do this by offering you a world-class program, which ensures you receive the best training, development, and mentoring available. 

We offer a structured, 12-month development program that provides our graduates with the clinical and commercial knowledge to grow their skills and expertise. We’ll do this by providing a combination of professional events, courses, and experiences designed specifically to enrich personal and professional growth. You will become an Accredited Audiologist by the end of the program. 

Whether you’re a new graduate, currently placed somewhere else and not excited by your experience thus far, or you applied last year in our first graduate intake, then we’d love to hear from you.  

We can guarantee that you will work with leading-edge technology, a supportive and dedicated team, and have a lot of fun along the way. We are a family at Specsavers, and we’ll be honoured to help guide you along your career journey. 

Help us #makewaves and be part of the next cohort in the Specsavers Audiology Graduate Program.Applications for our 2023 intake will open in mid-August 2022. 

Where we have come from and where we’re headed 

At Specsavers we have a recipe based on clinical excellence, open and transparent pricing, great products – all with eye-opening value.   

We’ve been around since 1984, when co-founders Doug and Dame Mary Perkins opened the first Specsavers stores in the UK. Since then, we’ve opened over 1800 stores across 10 countries, and we’re considered one of the world’s leading optical and audiology businesses. 

In Australia, Specsavers Audiology launched in August 2017, opening the doors to our very first Specsavers Audiology business. Since then, over 150 clinicians have joined us in partnership and together we have rolled out audiology services across 250+ stores, making us by far the fastest-growing Audiology business in Australia!   

Time for a rewarding career 

From day one, you’ll be a part of our family – challenging the norms and #makingwaves to transform the Australian audiology industry for both clinicians and customers.    

We’re looking for graduates who are smart, passionate, and curious. Individuals who are seeking a challenging and rewarding career with Specsavers – ideally a long-term one!  

We are on a huge growth trajectory with an abundance of opportunities and locations on the horizon, ready for audiology professionals to step right in. So why not come along and join in the fun at Specsavers Audiology!  

We’ll support you every step of the way 

As part of a global, world-leading organisation, our graduates will help support and protect what matters most to our customers and help make a difference to everyday Australians.   

In return, we will support you at every stage of your career. You will work closely with your Audiology partner with dedicated coaching, technical upskilling, and elbow-to-elbow support so you can develop and hone your skills. After all, our goal is to help you be the best clinician you can be!  

We believe that how you grow matters, and we want you to succeed!  

Now is the time to discover how you can build your career at Specsavers Audiology. 

Read more about our Graduate Program here. To apply to become a Specsavers graduate, complete the application here and submit back to our team.

For all partnership opportunities, contact Amanda La Ferla on 0407 825 990 or Niolofar Boudewun 0409 956 701. For all employment opportunities, contact Shelley Fenech on 0457 627 521 or email our team at anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com