Shared values bring Carla back to Specsavers

9 November 2021

Irish born Carla McGovern started as a Specsavers optical assistant/dispenser in Ireland. However, soon after moving to Australia and settling in Western Australia, she switched fields and pursued a career in audiology.

The Specsavers Ellenbrook partner knew that audiology was her calling after growing up with her mother’s hearing loss challenges.

“My mother had numerous surgeries as I was growing up. I suppose living with someone with a hearing loss was my norm.

“Since moving into audiology, my husband commented that he has never seen me so happy in a job before. I feel I can now make a difference in people’s lives, like my mum,” adds Carla.

While working for another provider, Carla knew the strong emphasis on customer service and care from working with Specsavers in Ireland.

“I know the value and customer service Specsavers bring to the industry. I wanted to be part of the change in Australia.   I am very passionate about providing the best care for every one of my customers,” says Carla.

Carla knows the impacts people have with hearing loss and the importance of hearing products that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

“People experience isolation and social withdrawal, frustration, anger, and sadness. They also have a lack of opportunities in every aspect of their lives.

“I’m glad that I can help my customers feel more connected to society and making less of an effort to listen with great hearing products. I see customers relieved and happy they can hear again. It boosts their confidence,” adds Carla.

Since Carla’s time with Specsavers in Ireland, she has seen how much the company has grown and brought price transparency to the forefront.

“I have realised how much Specsavers had evolved from the Irish model nine years ago. The pricing is fantastic, and I love how we don’t pressure our customers. We let them make their minds up,” says Carla.

While she is motivated to change the industry and make hearing aids accessible to more people, Carla also has personal aspirations.

“I wanted to have a better work-life balance with my family, expand my career goals and be a good role model for my daughter.

“I now work with a team with common goals.  I feel privileged to be back working and partnering with Specsavers,” adds Carla.