Sally Hardy knows the opportunities are endless at Specsavers Audiology  

24 November 2022

Sally Hardy had been aware of the Specsavers “movement” for years and eventually reached out to Specsavers regarding available opportunities in or around Port Macquarie. She was drawn to the Specsavers vision and growth and as she was impressed by the Specsavers service, value, reputation and price transparency. 

Now as a partner, Sally shares her story of success, and how she became an audiology partner at the Specsavers Port Macquarie store. 

“Having been aware of the ACCC investigation into the hearing aid industry, and seeing very little change within the industry, I was extremely excited to see Specsavers ‘shake things up’. I reached out to other Specsavers audiology partners and heard of their brilliant experience and success,” she says.  

“I was aware of Specsavers’ excellent partnership model, but what I didn’t realise (at the time) was how central Specsavers principles, values, and desire to normalise hearing loss were to this. Their efforts to reduce the stigma associated with hearing loss and reduce the time people wait before receiving assistance is remarkable.” 

“Now working with Specsavers, I know I can provide superior service to my customers, without the pressure of meeting KPIs and sales targets. Prior to joining Specsavers, interactions have felt impersonal because beneath my goal to help a customer – was the bottom line,” says Sally. 

In her pursuit of partnership, Sally reflects on not having a business background. 

‘’The support and guidance Specsavers provide partners allows me to be the audiologist I want to be without the worry or the stress of the business management aspect. The Specsavers training has been extremely thorough. With very little business management knowledge, I now feel confident that I can manage the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month running of my audiology business. When something arises that I am not familiar with, there is always someone at the other end of an email or phone call who can help sort it out.” 

Her Specsavers store on Horton Street, Port Macquarie has undergone a sensational renovation and is now double the size. She reveals how lucky she and her partner Alison are to have great relationships with the four optical partners – Mark Searle and Jenette Shaw the founding optometrist and dispensing partners, as well as Heath Morgan and Sue Fretton at Settlement City.  

“They are a well-oiled machine who have truly welcomed audiology into their business, and Alison and me as new partners,” she says. 

Whilst Sally’s journey to partnership was somewhat different from other Specsavers partners, having to endure multiple setbacks courtesy of the COVID pandemic, in the end the timing was perfect!  

She is excited and grateful to be now on this business journey with Alison and Specsavers. 

“The opportunities are endless. I’m so excited to provide Port Macquarie with the care and assistance they require in an industry that can be a minefield. It’s terrific to be in control of your clinic, providing the service you feel is best – all within a large company that has small business attitude. I only hope we can keep up with demand!” she says.