Rey Dayap offers a fresh perspective on Audiology

17 May 2024

With a background as unique as his interests outside of work, Rey Dayap offers a fresh perspective in the world of audiology and why he chose to partner with Specsavers Audiology.

Born in Darwin and spending most of his life in Palmerston, Rey moved to Melbourne for university in 2012, where he delved into music and composition, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Music with Honours from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne.

Rey is a true connoisseur of the arts. He’s a pianist, but it’s not just music that entertains his creativity – he also enjoys dabbling in the culinary arts, concocting unique ice cream flavours with sweet and savory delights.

From Music to Audiology

While his journey to becoming an audiology professional may seem a little unorthodox, it’s a testament to the multifaceted nature of his interests and talents. His path to audiology started with a desire to work with people, driven by a sense of purpose. While initially contemplating a career as a music therapist, his focus soon shifted due to insights from friends.

“I found linguistics fascinating but was not interested in becoming a Speech Pathologist. My curiosity was piqued when friends suggested I investigate audiology. The idea of reconnecting people with sound drew me in, and I felt it tied in with my passion for music,” says Rey.

On a personal front, a discovery brought him closer to audiology, with his mother’s hearing loss diagnosis. This experience of seeing the impact of hearing loss firsthand helped Rey understand the nuances of communication strategies and the importance of realistic expectations.

After commencing his audiology career in Darwin, he set a goal of becoming an Accredited Audiologist, driven by a dedication to customer care. In the early days of his career, he served a diverse customer base, including adults, pediatrics, and remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, and his journey was marked by extensive outreach visits, which had become a significant part of his role.

Then, he contemplated his future and work-life balance. The demands of outreach travel had become overwhelming. With the prospect of a change in his career, he researched audiology businesses that shared his vision of customer-centered care and the commitment to “doing the right thing.”

This led him to Specsavers, a brand renowned for providing premium hearing aids at affordable prices, raising awareness of hearing loss, creating a supportive workplace, and prioritising customer-centric ethics.

The Specsavers brand was not new to Rey. As a first-year audiology student, he remembers the buzz when Specsavers launched in the Australian market in 2017. Known for transparent hearing aid pricing and prioritising the needs of the customer without the attention on KPIs and sales targets, Rey’s journey to becoming a Partner with Specsavers was marked by strong support and a careful, informed decision-making process.

“I had heard that Specsavers was very supportive of its staff, and although it is no secret that starting a business involves a lot of hard work, I wanted to dive right in! I asked one of my close friends if Specsavers were looking to hire in Darwin, and she got in touch with recruiters who then contacted me. The rest is history!” says Rey.

The recruitment team ensured he had ample time to review and understand the documentation, and his transition to induction provided a holistic view of the business and clinical aspects. This support reassured him of the steps he was taking.

Northern Territory milestone

Rey’s audiology location in Palmerston marks a significant milestone, being the first Specsavers Audiology store in the Northern Territory. Located in a community he knows well; he aspires to provide services to the Greater Darwin Region.

“The unique challenge of launching the first Specsavers Audiology store in the Northern Territory can be daunting, but it also offers an incredible opportunity. The challenge lies in raising awareness and educating the community,” says Rey.

Why Partnership makes perfect sense

The Specsavers partnership offers Rey the perfect platform to combine his audiology expertise with his passion for customer care. He saw it as the perfect framework to realise his dreams of business ownership while adhering to clinical standards.

So far, the highlight of this journey has been the exceptional support he has received. Meeting a group of supportive people during the recruitment and induction phases has reinforced his confidence.

“The training provided a strong foundation for my new role. It instilled confidence, familiarity with product ranges, and clinical processes that prioritise consistent customer care,” says Rey.

Rey recommends becoming a Specsavers Partner to other audiology professionals because it aligns with the fundamental principles of helping people.

“Being a partner offers autonomy, control, and the framework to make the right decisions for your customers. At Specsavers, it’s about doing the right thing for the customer, and that is our true calling.”

As this audiology professional embarks on a new chapter with Specsavers Audiology, his journey from the world of music and audiology to business owner in Darwin is a testament to the diverse paths in this field. With unwavering support, he is well-prepared to bring the gift of sound to the Northern Territory and inspire others to consider the Specsavers journey.