Rehabilitation creates hearing aid convert

Gentleman in his late 80s presents with slight asymmetrical hearing loss along with several dead regions being present.

Unfortunately, he had only ever been fitted unilaterally and achieved no previous benefit from any hearing aid provided. He reported that sound was always very distorted and he preferred not to wear the hearing aid.

Case history revealed the main use of the hearing aids would be for television, phone, and conversations with his wife.

The audiogram above shows the difficulty involved in fitting. First of all, I made the choice to bilaterally fit, followed by which hearing aids to dispense.

This led me to dispense 550 Fusion, due to the telephone accessories currently available for these hearing aids.

Fitting appointment

100% acclimatization was applied – due to the severity of the loss I believed this would achieve maximum results.

Initial response and feeling in the fitting was that everything seemed louder!

The most important part of the process was rehabilitation. After carefully explaining dead regions to the client, he understood we could not make his hearing perfect, but were aiming to provide him with the best quality of life we could.

Upon rehab appointment, the client was delighted with his new hearing aids, commenting that the sound quality was the best he had ever heard. The clarity was much improved, the television volume had been reduced from 40 to 20 and, most importantly, conversation with his wife was much easier.

I was absolutely over the moon with the response. Personally, rehab appointments are my favourite part – when you have dispensed a product and achieved these results, it is brilliant!

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