Products and Pricing under the spotlight – Specsavers Audiology Aus/NZ

Products from the household names of our industry – pricing by Specsavers.

As Specsavers Audiology grows and we open more businesses across Australia, an increasing number of audiology professionals are joining us – and that means more still are talking about our approach, what we offer and how we support our joint venture partners and team members – the perceived pros and cons that often create myths about a business.

So, it’s important we offer a single source of information about the business, one that highlights the facts, and separates them from the myths. The good thing is that most of the facts are in plain view – you just need to know where to look, who to ask.

Products and Pricing are a great example of this and, importantly, we are completely transparent with both. It’s certainly no secret that we stock our own-branded ‘advance‘ product range, manufactured by the household names of our industry. What’s less well-known is that we also supply a full range of branded products from the likes of Phonak, Sonic and Unitron.

Professional independence. Also, categorically, we never set sales targets or product-related KPIs. Our first group of Specsavers Audiology joint venture partners will be able to tell you themselves that we don’t operate like that. Indeed, our stated aim is that an ownership role allows professionals to stand tall at Specsavers, proud that their focus is on making a difference to peoples’ lives, free from any interference over professional, clinical or product-related decisions. Those decisions should only ever be made between client and professional.

Open Pricing. It’s also clearly stated that we are 100% transparent with our pricing – that is accessible to all Australians, all of the time – indeed, we publish our prices in-store, in our advertising materials and on our website. This may surprise some, but we believe it is no less than clients deserve: an upfront approach with no surprises at the till.

For all the facts – and to help dismantle some emerging myths – on why so many audiology professionals are joining us as Joint Venture Partners, contact Julia Hewagama direct on 0409 015 519 or

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