Position yourself for success with Specsavers

20 January 2023

Our mission is simple – to provide high-quality, affordable hearing healthcare to all Australians and to continue our pledge to be open, honest and transparent when it comes to pricing, so that our customers know exactly what the price of hearing aids are – even before their first appointment. 

We also promised to make waves. To normalise hearing care and to do better for our customers and we’ve been delivering on our promises ever since we launched in Australia in 2017. 

Our products are second to none 

Specsavers Audiology offers a wide range of hearing aids and hearing devices, including the latest digital technology, to ensure that customers have access to the most advanced hearing solutions on the market. Our products are designed and manufactured by the leading hearing aid manufacturers including Sonova and WS Audiology, along with the exclusively available Specsavers Advance range. All our products range from a basic digital hearing aid to the most sophisticated technology currently available and are suitable for all types of hearing loss.  

Independent consumer body Choice, says that Specsavers Audiology’s own Advance-brand hearing aids “are substantially cheaper than competitors” with premium models costing $3,495 per pair compared to $6,000 to $8,000 or more for mainstream brands. 

Specsavers Audiology is a trusted and reliable provider of hearing care services in Australia, so if you’re looking for new career opportunities this year, look no further than Specsavers. For a no-obligation and confidential discussion on career opportunities with Specsavers Audiology, contact Amanda La Ferla (partnership) on 0407 825 990 or Shelley Fenech (employment) on 0457 627 521 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com.