Partnership with a laid back lifestyle in regional Victoria

17 January 2022

Peter Hoang from the Specsavers Warrnambool and Mt Gambier stores in Victoria joined the Specsavers family as he wanted to deliver high quality and affordable audiology services to all his customers.

Peter’s journey began when he opted for a country lifestyle, soon owning stores in two regional locations.

“I was drawn in by the lifestyle, but the bonus is that I have the beach as my backyard with the occasional weekend road trip,” says Peter.

Since moving regional, Peter has enjoyed the professional growth but also the personal growth away from the store.

“I’ve picked up a lot of new hobbies and been mentored in a couple of new sports. I feel like I’ve learnt so much about myself, and I don’t think I would have experienced it if I hadn’t moved regionally,” says Peter.

While Peter is reaping the benefits of country life, he also praises his customers and team.

“My customers are very friendly, and I appreciate their life experiences and learning from them. This also extends to my team, which I’m happy knowing we all share a similar passion and values,” says Peter.

At this stage, Peter has no intentions of moving back to the city but has comfort in knowing that the support is there if he needed to relocate.

“Specsavers is flexible and they would cater to my needs if my circumstances change, but I won’t be moving away from my two regional stores.

“I think the relationships I have built in my stores and town where I live are far more important to me. I wouldn’t know how to let go,” adds Peter.

Since becoming partner, Peter has grown accustomed to the rapid growth of his stores and where his career has accelerated since deciding to own the two stores.

“Business has been steadily growing even with the stop-starts of lockdowns and border closures. I feel like I’ve achieved a lot and in such a short time.

“It’s a huge step in my career, but I know I’ve still got much more room for growth. I’m keen to see where Specsavers will take me in the coming years.

While Peter has managed to find good work and life balance, he encourages others to consider a regional move if they’re searching for something different.

“A country lifestyle works for me. I wouldn’t have known how much I love it if I hadn’t backed myself and made a move. Take every opportunity as they come and find the positives in your decisions,” says Peter