Partnership in a regional store equals success for Angus McKenzie

For Cairns Audiology Partner Angus McKenzie, taking on a regional store was a no-brainer. Born and bred in Cairns, Angus knows firsthand the personal and professional benefits that a regional location can bring.

What made you want to join Specsavers Audiology?

I was attracted by the independence and autonomy offered by Specsavers, and the freedom to open a new practice without having to worry about usual risks and headaches associated with starting a practice on your own. As I learned more about Specsavers and its Audiology Partnership, the more certain I was that it would be a perfect fit for me. The Specsavers business model is proven, effective, and greatly increases the likelihood that you will have a busy and successful clinic from day one.

What is the best part of being an Audiology Partner at Specsavers?

For me, patient outcomes are my main priority. I love that Specsavers has such high clinical standards and that they have great quality, but very affordable products, which means I can provide great care for my clients.

What attracted you to the Cairns store?

I have lived in the Cairns area for almost 25 years.  I love Cairns, it’s a beautiful place surrounded by the reef and the rainforest, so I was excited that there was an opportunity to join Specsavers here. The store is in a large, busy shopping centre and the Optical Team is very keen to embrace Audiology within their store.

What are the benefits of living in a regional location?

I have always worked in regional areas throughout my career.  I prefer the pace of life and easy access to the outdoor activities I enjoy the most – camping, hiking, fishing etc. Housing is much more affordable in regional locations than it is in the larger cities, so I get to enjoy a decent-sized backyard with room to grow my own fruit and vegies and have my own chooks!

What do you see as being the biggest differences between working in a metro store vs your store?

Traditionally, working in a regional centre has been more challenging because there is often less support. However, this isn’t a concern at Specsavers. No matter where you are located, you’ll have access to excellent support systems, technology and products. I don’t see any real professional difference between working in a regional store the or a metro store, it’s all about lifestyle and quality of life outside of work.  Life runs at a slower speed up here!

Why is it so important to have audiology services in regional towns?

The people in regional areas need audiology just as much as people living in the bigger cities.  I grew up in a small regional town and I have spent all my audiological career living and working in regional and remote areas. I feel quite strongly that all Australians should have access to high-quality audiology services and it’s great that Specsavers is ensuring this can happen.

What advice would you give someone who may be considering joining a regional store?

In the digital age and with flights being so much cheaper these days, living in the country isn’t so isolating as it may have been in the past.  There are enormous lifestyle benefits of living in a regional area, particularly if you love the outdoors, and especially in view of the cost of housing these days. Plus, we live in a beautiful big country and moving to a regional area is a great opportunity to see more of it!

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