Partner Craig Steel reinforcing customer connectivity

Specsavers Audiology Partner Craig Steel has faced many challenges like all business owners in Australia during uncertain times. Coming in and out of lock downs is disruptive to everyone but his commitment to his customers is evident in the level of care he still provides.

“Being a retail business and health care provider, we have embraced supporting our customers remotely where it’s not essential to visit the store,” said Craig.

While Craig and his teams in the Heidelberg and Greensborough stores can’t see all customers in store, they still manage to provide a personalised service and ensure customers get the personalised support and care they need.

“My customers have appreciated we are always there to support them in these stressful and frustrating times. This includes dropping off batteries and repaired hearing aids into customer’s letter boxes.

“One customer had moved to Warrnambool, so we express posted batteries and hearing aid spare parts to her to ensure she wasn’t without them for too long,” adds Craig.

While Craig is navigating around lockdowns and customer needs, he and his team see a silver lining. With the backing of a business that has been around for more than 30 years and has weathered many global financial events, Specsavers has the strength and resilience to ride out any storm, including COVID.

“With all the uncertainty around COVID, Specsavers has provided my business with timely and clear guidance on how to operate as effectively and safely as possible. I also feel financially safe and secure knowing my business is protected.

“Being in partnership with Specsavers also gives me and my customers the certainty we will get through this together and thrive on the other side,” adds Craig.

Craig believes that apart from Specsavers support during times of uncertainty, the product range speaks volumes. The Advance range provides that extra level of connectedness with customers and their family and friends. With an increased use of technology and the need to navigate zoom calls during lock downs, having quality hearing aids for our senior community is even more important.

“The product features ensure our customers stay connected through lockdown. I have a customer that relied on his wife to relay family conversations on the phone and zoom calls during lockdowns as he could not always hear them. With his Advance hearing aids connected directly to his mobile he was able to confidently communicate with his family,” says Craig.

Craig and his team are focused on providing the best hearing products within everyone’s budget and he’s confident that his customers aren’t suffering in silence during a time that can be more isolating than ever, especially for our senior community.

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