Partner business ambitions while focusing on hearing care

23 November 2021

Specsavers Audiology is marking its fourth anniversary in the industry this year with plenty to celebrate. As business goes from strength to strength, we’ve now reached another milestone with the recent opening of our 220th store providing audiology services across Australia. With no plans to slow down, now is the time to put your career ambitions front of mind and get back to focusing on the hearing care of your customers. 

Together, we are continuing to make audiology more accessible and affordable to everyday Australians. To date, we have screened more than 1.5 million people and uncovered more than 65,000 people with a hearing loss, all while maintaining exceptional clinical standards and customer care. 

The key to our success is our passionate audiology partners, who align with our vision and our values – to provide the very best clinical care and service to all customers. We work with our partners to provide support, attend to customers’ needs and help them grow their business. 

As a Specsavers audiology partner, you too can build a successful business and change people’s lives for the better – without having to compromise on a fair work-life balance or unrealistic sales targets or product KPIs. 

Hear what some of our partners have to say: 

“I would like to see Specsavers Marion continue to grow through the addition and expansion of audiology and the expansion of optometry. I relish the opportunity to be a market disrupter and want to see the business grow to not only help more and more of our own customers but to also put pressure on the rest of the industry to be more competitive and transparent so that all people who suffer from hearing loss get good care at good prices.  This is exactly the opportunity I wanted, to focus on what I was trained for; helping people hear better rather than achieving sales targets.” ~ Chris Denton, Audiology Partner, Specsavers Marion, SA

“It has been liberating to run the clinics the way I want, without answering to external pressures.Becoming a partner was a turning point in my career. Specsavers has put me in contact with incredible audiology professionals Australia-wide, who have become close personal friends. It is, without exaggeration, the most complete and empowering professional support network I’ve had in my career. My time with Specsavers can be characterised by the triumphs, challenges and lifelong friendships I have experienced along the way. It has been fulfilling in ways I could not have predicted, and I am grateful that I took a leap of faith.”  ~ Lynn Tan, Audiology Partner, North Ryde and North Rocks, NSW – 

For a confidential discussion about partnership opportunities with Specsavers Audiology, contact Julia Hewagama, Professional Recruitment Manager on 0409 015 519 or email