Sophie’s passion: music to partners ears

Sophie joined Specsavers in 2018 after a long stint in the fast fashion retail industry. She had a light bulb moment and knew immediately her next move would make a real impact in the community. Specsavers answered her calling which was the beginning of a much needed change she was searching for 

Sophie revels in the idea of having exposure to many areas of the business but found her passion in implementing new initiatives and products to partners and giving them meaningful options that have direct impact. The options available ultimately improving hearing needs and health outcomes of all customers. 

“Technology is changing rapidly and with Specsavers Advance range we can offer all the same great technology but at Specsavers prices,” says Sophie. 

She works closely with partners and the senior leadership team to bring to life Specsavers long-term strategic plan and manage the implementation of each of the initiatives within the plan. 

“It’s important to prioritise projects to support the partners, and this is where I focus on delivering the businesses most immediate needs and being part of making some big improvements,” says Sophie. 

From providing the best available technology to a more efficient screening process in store, Sophie believes this will benefit partners and customers alike. 

“We are also overseeing the new audiology assistant roles in store and ensuring this initiative is rolled out on time,” says Sophie. The assistant roles will allow our partners to spend more time with customers and not get bogged down by admin. 

“Everything we do is purposeful and aligns with our strategic plan, which focuses on Growth, Partnership and Customers. Everything my team and I work on will meet at least one of these areas,” says Sophie. 

Sophie believes our partnership model sets Specsavers apart from the competitors as it puts partners and customers at the forefront. 

“We have a unique business model that is both partner and customer-centric. The unrivaled support we offer our partners gives them the confidence to start their own business and not have to worry about anything else other than giving back to the customer,” says Sophie. 

Sophie and her team’s unwavering drive and determination ensures partners are successful and feel supported every day.