Our partners reflect on 1m hearing screens

Specsavers Audiology screened its one-millionth customer for hearing loss. It’s a milestone that wouldn’t have been achievable without the dedication, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit of our partners.

Here’s why they’re proud of this fantastic achievement.

“In Australia, one in six people have hearing loss. Screening one million Australians is an important milestone. This now means at least one million people are aware of their hearing health, and that Specsavers provides audiology services.

We’ve been able to achieve this milestone in just three years because audiology has been introduced within established Specsavers optical stores, which means partners can access an existing customer database. Audiology screening has been tied in with optometry pretesting which means every customer over a certain age is offered a screening. It is a very effective way of introducing people to audiology and raising hearing awareness.

When audiology services were first offered in Kotara, a screening identified an asymmetry in a 40-year-old woman. Further testing was done. Referrals were made and it turns out she had an acoustic neuroma that needed to be removed. If she wasn’t offered a screening that day, she possibly still wouldn’t know she had an acoustic neuroma. That’s the kind of difference we can make.”

Luke Kowalski
Audiology Partner, Specsavers Kotara


“This achievement truly shows that we provide a critical community service to Australians by providing them an understanding of their hearing. Early detection, education, and intervention are critical to get the best outcome and ensure customers are getting the most from their hearing. By providing this service to all our customers we are in the unique situation of starting the conversation much earlier than it would normally occur.

My customers continually comment that they have not only received a thorough examination and explanation of their hearing but provided with open, honest, and variety in the possible solutions to meet their needs.

Our commitment to the health of our valued customers is what sets us apart. We are willing to invest in the time and technology to ensure our clients have a better understanding of their hearing, much in the same way as we did with OCT in the optical space, and at no cost or further obligation from the customer.

For me, being part of a team that puts the customer first – in the importance of monitoring their eye and hearing health, and first, in providing the very best solutions and support that they can afford, is why we’re making such an impact.”

Craig Steel,
Audiology Partner, Specsavers Greensborough & Heidelberg


We’re proud of what we have achieved in just over three years. Imagine what we can do in the next three.

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