Our partners on why they made the move to Specsavers

14 June 2021

Since Specsavers Specsavers Audiology launched in Australia more than three years ago, we have set our sights on transforming the audiology industry, providing a true alternative for our customers and helping our clinicians build something for themselves.

There are many reasons why our partners join Specsavers. Some embody that entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for the freedom to run their own business, while others are looking to join a business that is focused on prioritising customers and their needs over the bottom line.

Here are just some of the reasons our partners decided to #joinus.

Affordability of partnership

“I had always been interested in starting my own audiology business, however as the industry became more competitive, I was beginning to think this was no longer a viable option. But at Specsavers, the initial shareholder loan of $10,000 was really reasonable, plus I knew I’d have the backing of the global brand behind me with all it has to offer – from finance to marketing support, which means I have the capacity be both business owner and clinician.”
– Gabriella Viglione, Audiology Partner, Lake Haven

Clinical autonomy

“Clinical independence was one of the key reasons I joined Specsavers. “It allows us, as audiology professionals, to do what’s best for the customer. We have clinical independence; we are our own bosses and we can decide the appropriate care based on the customer’s hearing needs. There’s autonomy in the partnership and it really is your business – but it’s nice to know I have the support of Specsavers if I need it.” – June Yong Kim, Audiology Partner, Eastgardens


“I’ve always wanted the challenge and the job satisfaction that comes along with achieving your own goals. But as a mum of three I wasn’t convinced I could run my own business and have the flexibility I craved. I wanted flexibility not just to provide the best quality care to my customers, but also to achieve work-life balance – to make the school athletics carnival or to see my daughter get an honour certificate, things like that. After speaking with the Specsavers team and several partners, I realised that the company and the team are very supportive and that there is flexibility there to make it work for me and my customers.”
– Natasha Nagra, Audiology Partner, Spearwood & Success

Customer service focus

“There were two main factors I couldn’t ignore with Specsavers. The first is that Specsavers do not focus on pushing hearing aids on people that do not want them. Their priority is helping customers who want help with their hearing and that is also what I want to do. So, I felt that our approach to audiology was aligned. The second factor was the price. It has been very disheartening as an audiology professional to have customers who want help but aren’t on the government program and couldn’t afford hearing aids. Specsavers hearing aid prices mean that customers that I couldn’t previously help are now able to afford some amazing quality aids and I am able to help them. I feel at Specsavers I can reach more people.”
– Nicole Thors, Audiology Partner, Glenorchy and Rosy Park

No KPIs or sales targets

“Having worked in a private clinic previously, there was always pressure to meet KPIs and  to meet budgets. Overtime, I realised my motivation was slipping as I felt more like a salesman than a clinician. My partner, who was an optometrist at Specsavers, would often comment on how different his work environment was compared to me, and had never felt pressured by KPIs, budgets or conversions. I decided to join as an audiology partner at Specsavers because I wanted clinical autonomy to practice ethically every day and to provide my customers with affordable devices without compromising on service.”
– Janice Margo, Audiology Partner, Ringwood.

If any of this rings true for you, then maybe it’s time you considered a Specsavers partnership. For a confidential chat or to find out more, contact Julia Hewagama on 0409 015 419 or email anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com