Our hearing screenings explained

In every Specsavers optical store that has audiology services, all customers over the age of 40 will be offered a free audiology screening as part of their pre-test for optics.

With an average Specsavers optical business conducting approximately 200 sight tests per week, that’s a large volume of customers coming through each optical store week-on-week.

The screener takes between 3-5 minutes to complete and produces a basic audiogram, along with an outcome of either no loss, potentially some loss or potentially significant loss of hearing.

Customers identified with potentially having significant hearing loss are then referred onto our audiology partners to complete a free 15-minute hearing check, giving them an opportunity to meet with a professional to talk through their results and to guide them on the appropriate next steps.

Specsavers has introduced the screener to customers over 40 to go beyond just referring customers to the audiology business, but also to raise the profile of hearing health.

By screening all customers over 40, even those who do not require our audiology services today, Specsavers hopes to raise awareness of the importance of hearing health long before issues arise.

The screener also helps raise awareness through word of mouth as customers may have family or friends who require our audiology services.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion contact Julia Hewagama today.

Email: anz.audiologyrecruitment@specsavers.com
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