One year on: Rebecca Moriarty

It’s been just over a year since Rebecca Moriarty joined Specsavers Audiology as a partner at Specsavers Mackay Canelands – though in her own words, she “mentally committed” to Specsavers 18 months ago but didn’t open her store until six months after that! We checked in with her to see how her first year has gone and how she plans to grow her business.   

Why did you decide to become a Specsavers Audiology partner? 

I wanted to see change! Change within the industry, change within my day-to-day role, and change for customers. I was getting frustrated at seeing the huge pricing difference of hearing aids, and the difference it could make to customer outcomes if they could put those exact same funds towards higher-level technologyAlso, the idea of stepping into a partner role very much appealed to me, as it provided me with the ability to make more of an impact on business structure and culture. 

How would you describe your business journey to date? What have been some of the highlights? 

As my one-year anniversary of partnership comes up, I have really been reflecting on how much I have grown and how much I have learned during this time. My business journey has allowed me to transition from thinking primarily in a just an appointment operation mindset, to an all-around holistic approach to business: including time-management, team-management, and delegation, as well as flexibility. 

My personal highlight will always be when a customer comes in saying how much they had heard about Specsavers, both from the high clinical standards we uphold to the financial difference it makes in their lives. 

What do you love best about your store and customers? 

I love the team atmosphere within Specsavers – everyone is always vibrant and passionate about customer service and I think that really shows in their general disposition towards life, which is always something I am grateful to be surrounded by! Additionally, being in a regional area I love the typical customers that we get to deal with day in day out – grateful, laid-back individuals very thankful for good service.  

How has becoming a partner changed your career?  

Vastly, in a nutshell! I often have moments where I think how far I have come in so many areas, all of which I attribute the growth to the different demands involved in running your own business. There is nothing like the team culture and partner development you find at Specsavers. The foundations here all work together to foster your continual improvement in areas that you didn’t even know were on your horizon 

How have you been supported by the Specsavers support office team during your tenure as a partner? 

I love the personal touch the team takes in every interaction. Specsavers make sure that as part of induction you get to meet the individuals in the different departments and put a face to a nameThis way when you are addressing matters with them, you can feel the personal commitment all of them put into their jobs. 

What are some of the aspects of being a partner that you have most enjoyed, and why?  

Getting to work with like-minded individuals, passionate about changing the experience for customers and both clinicians. It has been really interesting to see that Specsavers doesn’t just put their values down in PowerPoint slide for show, they truly hold them at the forefront of every decision they make.  

What does the future hold for you and your business?  

I love that Specsavers’ primary aim – to which they devote a lot of resources –  is growing you as a person and a partner. At first, I thought that might be just to ensure the business succeeds, but it’s more than that, Specsavers genuinely cares for their partners. And now that I have a strong foundation one year in, I look forward to fine-tuning opportunity goals within the store in the years ahead.  

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