One year on: Lisa Pratt

It’s been just over a year since Lisa Pratt joined Specsavers Audiology as a partner at Specsavers Bundaberg Sugarland. We checked in with her to see how she has fared in her first year and her plans for the year ahead.  

Why did you decide to become a Specsavers Audiology partner? 

I originally joined Specsavers because it was such a wonderful opportunity. The unique partnership model really appealed to me on both a personal and professional level. Before I started, Specsavers sounded like a company that really cares, not just about their partners and employees, but about their customers as well. It was very refreshing to partner with a company that doesn’t just say that they care but does care about their customers. 

How would you describe your business journey to date? What have been some of the highlights? 

It’s definitely been a bit up and down. Just as I felt I was getting established and settling into a solid working structure, COVID-19 hit and pretty much put me back to square one. But overall, it’s been an awesome year. I work with an excellent team, who have been very supportive of bringing hearing care to the optometry clinic. My main highlight would be fitting some awesome people with new hearing aids and hearing their stories of how much getting those missing sounds back meant to them. 

What do you love best about your store and customers? 

I love the Bundaberg region, but first and foremost I love my customers! While I wasn’t born here (and don’t hold it against me that I am still a Blues supporter!), my husband was, and I’ve come to love this town like my own. I’m a real people person and love getting to know people. I’ve met some pretty amazing individuals while working here. The team I work with are also awesome, they are the friendliest and most helpful bunch I have ever worked with. 

How has becoming a partner changed your career?  

It has definitely improved my career, I’m a more confident audiologist. By becoming a JVP, I’m able to have the autonomy to be the audiologist that I’ve always wanted to be by truly being able to offer person-centered care. Every step of the way Specsavers has supported me in my effort to do so. 

How have you been supported by the Specsavers support office team during your tenure as a partner? 

The staff at the support office have been great, anytime you have a question or a problem, they are always there to help. They are very reliable, friendly, and dependable. If an issue comes up that hasn’t been encountered before, it can sometimes take a little while to fix, but that’s because they will take the time to find a proper solution so that it’s easily fixed if it ever comes up again. 

How would you describe the relationship between yourself and your optical partners? How do you go about building and strengthening those relationships?  

I have a great working relationship with both my retail and optical partners. We communicate regularly, both formal in meetings and informal on a daily basis. I believe it’s this communication that’s allowing us to develop a strong relationship. 

What are some of the aspects of being a partner that you have most enjoyed, and why?  

The chance to become a director of a business, have freedom and flexibility in the day to day running of the business, and the ability to offer affordable hearing aids are the primary aspects that attracted me to becoming a partner.  

How has your opinion of the Specsavers business changed or evolved during your first year as a partner? 

I don’t think it has changed so much as deepened. My respect for Specsavers, and their values and beliefs, has increased over time. They have proven to me that they genuinely live and work by their beliefs. 

What does the future hold for you and your business 

I’m hoping to grow the business and expand to accommodate another audiology professional, which in turn will allow me to assist a lot more people with their hearing. 

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