One year on: Hanny Listyowati

13 January 2021

It’s been just over a year since Hanny Listyowati joined Specsavers Audiology as a partner at Specsavers Fremantle. We checked in with her to see how she has fared in her first year and her plans for the year ahead.   

How would you describe your business journey to date? What have been some of the highlights? 

It’s been a good journey, with lots of challenges and opportunities. Coming into an established team store and working closely with my optical partners and managers across two stores has helped me develop new skills I didn’t have before, such as leadership and communication. The highlight has been seeing my businesses grow. I also have great customers in both stores who have been become like friends therefore I enjoy seeing them. They are very good at referring friends and family, making the business more rewarding.  

What do you love best about your store and customers? 

My stores are quite different and provide lots of variety. There’s a great local community and very interesting locations which keeps me busy and engaged.   

How has becoming a partner changed your career?  

I’ve learned so much in my first year of partnership. I’ve become more patient as well as more efficient! As the only person working in my business, it’s all up to me, so being really organised and customer-focused has been essential.  

What are some of the aspects of being a partner that you have most enjoyed, and why?  

The best is that I can see the business growing and I really enjoy being the owner of my own business. But the best part is also my customers – because I am with them from their initial appointment onwards, I see their journey all the way through and have the opportunity to build a very good rapport with each of them.