Normalising hearing care in Australia

Thousands of customers walk into Specsavers stores every day.

And as of last week, one million of our customers have been screened for hearing loss. So how did we reach this amazing milestone in just over three years?

For us, the hearing screener is not about selling hearing aids; it’s about normalising behaviours around overall hearing health. The screener forms part of an unrivalled awareness-building campaign, ensuring ear health becomes front of mind across our large established optical customer database and beyond.

By screening all customers over 40, even those who do not require audiology services today, we are raising awareness of the importance of hearing health long before issues arise.

The screener also helps raise awareness through word of mouth as customers may have family or friends who require our audiology services.

And it’s this “normality” that is so essential if we are to change the lives of Australians for the better.

It’s commonly reported in the audiology industry that people wait between 7-10 years after first noticing hearing loss to act on it. Normalising hearing care will encourage people to take action sooner, rather than waiting up to a decade to seek support.

As professionals we know we can and want to do more to help and support our customers.

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