Nik Kurode says he’s happy to finally be focused on his customers

9 June 2021

For Nik Kurode, the complexities of hearing care are what drew him to a career as an audiologist. And it’s also what inspired him to become a partner with Specsavers.  

“It was the complexities of the inner ear and why one cannot have an ear transplant like other organs that first interested me in the field of audiology,” he says.  

After completing a Bachelor of Science (Speech and Hearing) he moved into the Masters in Audiology before starting his career in practice. 

“Being an audiologist enables me to impact a person’s life in a positive and rewarding manner. The joy of hearing can be seen immediately when the customer has a big smile from ear to ear. 

But he quickly realised the success of hearing rehabilitation is highly dependent on the quality of customer care provided by the audiology professional. 

“Ongoing hearing aid adjustment, comprehensive counselling, and support are essential to one’s hearing aid journey,” he says, “but there are other factors that impact this as well, such as price, education, and removing the stigma attached to hearing loss.” 

Knowing that hearing aids improve a person’s quality of life, but that affordability and accessibility were barriers to his customers, led him to explore a Specsavers partnership.  

“Specsavers is offering a unique business opportunity in the hearing industry which is not currently offered by any hearing service provider. They are focused on supporting partners so we can deliver exceptional customer service and they are all about putting the customer first – whether that’s from a clinical perspective or being transparent with pricing and not trying to sell something that someone either doesn’t need or can’t really afford gives you as a clinician the freedom to offer the best service and outcome to your customer.”  

Nik, who recently joined Specsavers as a partner in the East Maitland store in New South Wales says the partnership combines the best of two worlds.  

“Specsavers offers a wonderful opportunity to learn business skills along with maintaining high standards of clinical audiology and affordable hearing aid prices, which has appealed to me the most.”  

“Being a partner means I now have the opportunity to work with my optics store team to bring in more hearing awareness and affordable services to the local community and neighbourhoods of Maitland and have that opportunity to truly help people – which is why I became an audiologist in the first place.”