Nicole Wannenburg has embraced a rewarding career with Specsavers Audiology

27 June 2023

Nicole Wannenburg, an audiology professional from South Africa, immigrated to Australia and has embraced the outdoor lifestyle in Hervey Bay, Queensland. 

Her journey in audiology began with a desire to work in healthcare and make a difference in people’s lives. Drawn to the quote by Helen Keller – “Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people,” Nicole was inspired to become an audiology professional, to restore the sense of hearing and bridge the gap between individuals and the world around them. 

Reflecting on her experience in the audiology industry, Nicole realised that the healthcare system in South Africa did not fully support the audiology industry’s needs despite the demand. However, upon arriving in Australia, she was impressed by the well-established support for audiology professionals. Nicole closely followed Specsavers’ rise as an industry leader in audiology and recognised the alignment of her values, ideals, and beliefs with the Specsavers model. She saw Specsavers as a movement which she wanted to be a part of, offering more time for each customer, greater value, and satisfaction through product and pricing transparency. 

Prioritising customer care holds immense importance in Nicole’s approach to audiology. 

“In an industry crowded with providers, exceptional customer care is crucial, especially in Hervey Bay, where word-of-mouth plays a significant role in marketing,” she says. 

Before joining Specsavers as a partner, Nicole had personal experience with Specsavers’ customer service and memorable marketing as an optometry customer.  

Now as an Audiology partner, she oversees two Specsavers Audiology locations in Hervey Bay: Hervey Bay Central and Hervey Bay Central Pialba. Her journey to becoming a partner involved conversations with the Specsavers Recruitment team, who provided insights into the process of becoming a potential partner at Specsavers. Despite personal logistics initially preventing Nicole from joining, the team remained supportive and maintained regular contact until she was ready to seize the opportunity.  

During her induction training, Nicole was impressed by the passion, knowledge, and customer-centered approach demonstrated by the Specsavers team. She gained a deeper understanding of the business processes and recognised Specsavers Audiology’s impact and leadership in the industry. 

“I highly recommend that other audiology professionals seriously consider joining the Specsavers model. It is an established brand that offers excellent support structures, allowing audiology professionals to concentrate on the clinical aspects of the industry. By aligning with Specsavers, you can benefit from a strong foundation and focus on delivering exceptional care to your customers.” 

The success to business is commitment, consistency, and hard work.  

“Knowing that I do have the backing from a professional team makes it so much more gratifying.”