Nicole Thors on opening her second Specsavers store 

Nicole Thors loves being a Specsavers partner so much, she opened a second store.  

Nicole, who is the proud partner at Specsavers Glenorchy is now also a partner of Specsavers Rosny Park – and doing her part to bring affordable and accessible hearing services to the Apple Isle.  

“When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to work in health care but wasn’t sure which profession. My mum suggested I look into audiology as she had a friend who worked in the field. I researched what would be involved and instantly knew it was what I wanted to do,” she says.  

“For me, the role is all about delivering exceptional customer service. If the customers aren’t getting the outcomes they want, then I don’t feel satisfied with my work. Good outcomes come from understanding what the customer’s needs are and then coming to a joint conclusion on what is going to work for them.  

“It’s especially important when customers have gone to other providers and had an awful experience and completely turned their back on doing anything about their hearing. I want to make sure my customers feel cared for and comfortable with me so we can have them hearing how they want to be. If they don’t, they’re unlikely to do anything about their hearing loss.”  

Nicole says when she first explored becoming a partner at Specsavers there, were two main factors that influenced her decision. 

“The first is that Specsavers do not focus on pushing hearing aids on people that do not want them. Their priority is helping customers who want help with their hearing and that is also what I want to do. So, I felt that our approach to audiology was aligned,” she says. 

“The second factor was the price. It has been very disheartening as an audiologist to have customers who want help but aren’t on the government program and couldn’t afford hearing aids. Specsavers hearing aid prices mean that people that I couldn’t previously help are now able to afford some amazing quality aids and I am able to help them.” 

The decision to open a second store then became about reaching even more customers.  

“Tasmania might be considered a small state, but there are lots of customers to serve. The Glenorchy team is extremely passionate and friendly, and they make coming in to work every day delightful.  

“It’s lovely to be a part of something bigger and now by opening Rosny Park, I have the opportunity to reach even more people and providing access for customers the clients who will really benefit from seeing me.”  

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