Neelu George is passionately improving people’s hearing and quality of life with Specsavers Audiology 

14 June 2023

With over two decades of experience in the audiology industry, Neelu George is passionate about helping people hear effectively and to be part of social conversations.  

Hailing from India, she came to Australia in 2003 and completed her overseas qualification exam in 2004.  

Throughout her career, Neelu has worked with most hearing providers in Australia and even had her own independent practice for two years before joining Specsavers Audiology as a partner.  

Why did she choose Specsavers? Neelu opted for Specsavers because of its mission to provide transparent pricing and commitment to customer care. 

Neelu understands the importance of customer care and making her customers feel comfortable. She believes that hearing loss can lead to isolation and withdrawal from social situations and that treating hearing loss can prevent the impact of dementia on people. She is passionate about improving the quality of life of her customers, and she believes that hearing aids make a huge difference in people’s lives. 

As a partner at Specsavers Audiology in Parramatta, NSW, Neelu describes Specsavers’ approach as the best one she has come across, due to the affordable prices of hearing aids, making them more widely accessible to customers.  

“One of the biggest opportunities is to dispel people’s fears and misconceptions about hearing aids, particularly the perception that they are too expensive. This fear often prevents people from committing to a hearing check and exploring their options for improving their hearing,” she says. 

Neelu believes that becoming a Specsavers partner is a great opportunity for other audiology professionals who are client-focused and value autonomy.  

“I would recommend taking the step to partner with Specsavers because of their commitment to customer care and transparent pricing,” says Neelu. 

Neelu’s experience in the audiology industry has made her a valuable partner for Specsavers Audiology.  

“I consider it a privilege to have taken on the partnership role and to have the opportunity to assist customers in enhancing their hearing ability and experience the joy of hearing well every day. I look forward to growing and expanding my business and improving the quality of life of my customers whilst breaking down the fears around hearing aids,” she says.