Mellisa Gielen on the impact of hearing loss, and her commitment to help

2 February 2023

Working in adult rehabilitation for close to 15 years before joining Specsavers, Mellisa has always been passionate about supporting people to live their lives to full.  

And, after completing her Master’s in Clinical Audiology, she knew it was time to change career direction – and become her own boss.   

Looking at the audiology market, it was Specsavers – and their values and passion to shake up the industry and put customers first, that really resonated with her.   

“Customer care is the foundation and focus of my clinical work. Building trust in the customer and providing consistent care builds a fantastic relationship,” Mellisa says.  

She says it’s her goal to ensure each customer has a genuinely great experience, and then goes on to share their good experiences with others – leading to the ongoing growth of her business. 

And she has big plans ahead of her! Mellisa has taken on partnership and is providing audiology services at Fountain Gate shopping Centre in Melbourne’s southeast, and she is already thinking about what opportunities lie ahead to grow her business.  

“What I am most excited about with this part of my audiology career is developing my professional skills in a business that is strongly aligned with my own values.” 

She also says the ongoing training and support from Specsavers has set her up to succeed – without the stress and headaches that often accompany starting your own business. 

“The supports in place for partners are second to none,” she says. “I have everything I need at my fingertips and the support of a global brand, which means I can truly focus on my customers and grow my business.” 

And grow she will.  Mellisa is already thinking about opening up a second store in the future and is ready to tackle the challenge head on.