Making small differences in our customers’ lives

Audiology is a caring profession, and the commitment our partners show for the health and wellbeing of our customers has never been as evident as during this pandemic.

Our Audiology Partners continue to go above and beyond to ensure that they continue to deliver the very best hearing care to some of the most vulnerable groups in the country.

In, WA our Audiology Partner at Carousel Westfield, Tanya Goromonzi received a sweet thank you note from the daughter of an elderly customer, thanking her for home-delivering a box of batteries to her mother who is continuing to self-isolate.

While a simple trip for her, it made a big difference to the wellbeing of her customer and her family.

In Orange, NSW, Partner Amy Thompson was able to provide support to a customer to help her enjoy one of the most important days of her life – her daughter’s wedding!

The customer, a retired school principal, had reached out for new hearing aids after experiencing anxiety about not being able to hear well during online meetings and virtual catch-ups. She was particularly distressed as her daughter was getting married over Skype and she was worried she wouldn’t be able to hear anything.

After a quick follow up the customer was fitted with new aids and reached out a few weeks later to confirm that she heard every word of her daughter’s wedding vows – over Skype!

And in Ipswich, QLD, our Audiology Partner Anna-Marie Marais, was able to provide some simple comfort, just by doing what she does best.

“I had a wonderful comment from one of my customers,” she said.

“They reached out to say; I love my new hearing aids they gave me back my life. And the best of all is I don’t have to get so close to people to hear them anymore – which is a benefit for me during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As our stores reopen more broadly and customers continue to seek our hearing care, our audiology partners continue to adapt their methods and approach and go the extra mile to support their customers and their communities.

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