Making her mark: Andrea Romas on her first anniversary with Specsavers

Andrea Romas is a Professional Services Consultant with Specsavers Audiology. A trained audiologist with a passion for business, Andrea joined Specsavers in January 2019, to help support our Audiology Partners and support the growth of the business throughout Australia and New Zealand. With a year of experience under her belt, Andrea reflects on her first 12 months with Specsavers Audiology.

You’ve just celebrated one year with Specsavers Audiology, how are you finding your role and the business?

I love my role as a Professional Services Consultant; not only do I get to utilise the skills I have gained throughout my career as an audiologist, I also get to work closely with new and existing partners to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers. I am also fortunate enough that my role allows me to travel and see many places all around Australia.

What have been some of the biggest highlights of your first year?

We know that hearing loss goes unacknowledged for years; however, with our recent record of screening over 500,000 customers for hearing loss, Specsavers is lifting the hearing profile amongst Australians. Having worked in the industry for over a decade, it has been a fantastic experience to be part of something new and revolutionary; and be able to support our teams to help so many customers in such a short period of time.

What, if any, are the key challenges you’ve faced?

The only challenge is keeping still! I love how fast-paced and diverse my role is, and how many places I have visited in just 12 months.

What are the most noticeable differences you’ve experienced in the past year with Specsavers Audiology compared to your previous roles?

At Specsavers, we keep the customer at the heart of everything we do. Every idea is challenged and supported with the customer in mind.

Why did you initially join Specsavers? Have your feelings changed a year into your journey?

Specsavers is changing the industry, there was no question about wanting to be a part of something that has the potential to do so much for audiology in Australia!

What are your goals for 2020?

I want to continue to meet new partners and support them on their journey as they embark on the best career decision they have made to date – joining Specsavers!

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